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LCU 1528 Story

Landing Craft 1528 started life in 1954 as a Landing Craft Tank (LCT 1466 Class) for the US Army in the Korean War. She was named "Lingayen Gulf" after a beach head in Korea. She was later acquired by the US Army Reserves and re-classed a Landing Craft Utility (LCU) and her name was kept and her original 1528 number. She was rumored to be a part of Brown's Navy in Vietnam and later came back to Rio Vista Ca to serve in the reserve unit. She also went to Alaska as part of the Exxon Valdez oil spill clean up effort in 1989. She was decommissioned in 1991. As per most Navy or Army ships her engines and equipment was stripped and she was added to the Moth Ball Fleet. She was then purchased by Phil Joy of Benicia and used as a barge for house moving and equipment hauling. In late 2011 John Sweeney purchased her and began a restoration which included rebuilt engines - (2) Detroit 6V-71s and (1) Detroit 6V-92 in the center. She got three new generators (20kw, 40kw and 75kw) and a welder. Two 40 foot spuds and wells were fabricated and two 20 ton winches added. Her original gate and motor were rehabbed and a completely new pilot house and controls added. She was completely repainted and camouflaged to give her a new updated look. She's 118' Feet by 34' wide and draws 5 feet loaded with 200 tons of equipment. She can cruise at 8 knots with a max of 12 knots. Since she spent most her life in fresh water so her hull was in amazing shape. She has recently been ad measured by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and is now Coast Guard Documented for Coastwise use. Her home Port is Pittsburg California. In May 2015 she underwent an extensive drydock restoration including hull plating, new shafts, props and a new gate.