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Landing Craft Rental California West Coast

We have two Landing Craft for Rent currently in the Delta/Bay Area

LCU which is 120 Feet and holds 200 tons on deck - "Lingayen Gulf"

LCM 3 which is 50 Feet and holds 20 tons on deck - "M3"

Rates range from $325 - $650 per hour depending on jobs which includes fuel, skipper plus crew. 

Uses: machinery hauling, marina docks, piling, dredging, marine construction, salvage, diving, debris removal, levee repair, disaster supplies, mining, equipment moving, debris boxes, ship painting, crane barge, excavator, bridge work, vessel assist and towing. 

Serving: Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stockton, Antioch, Pittsburg , Discovery Bay, Alameda, San Francisco, Sausalito, Marin, Benicia, Vallejo, Walnut Grove and Rio Vista areas.

We work with anyone! Dutra, Brusco, Salt River, Jerico, Manson, Coast Guard, Sheriffs, Caltrans, DWR, DFG, Ports and Private vessel and Marina owners. Also Reclamation Districts and Levee Engineering Firms. 

Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Fund Vendor AWAF
Vessel Turn in Program Vendor VTIP

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